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Archimedes Program

Math and Geometry Tools

Our Archimedes program supports students of all ages, levels, and skill-sets as they progress through their school math curriculum. We provide free virtual tutoring customized in tandem with schools, community centers, and individual students to help students achieve grade-level math skills and excel in the classroom.


Shoshana E.

Shoshana E.


Manasseh A.

Carlos R.

Carlos R.

Shoshana E.

Natalia K.

Single-Student Tutoring

If you're a parent, community leader, or teacher interested in registering one or more individual students for Archimedes tutoring, begin by contacting You'll receive a registration form to fill out for each one of your students. After you submit the form, the ARC team will reach out to schedule a 30-minute meeting with you, the student, and one of our qualified tutors. We'll discuss the student's level and the concept(s) of difficulty, offer supplemental practice materials to work on in between tutoring sessions, and speak with the student about their learning style and math background.

Whole-Group Tutoring

Project ARC is excited to begin offering tutoring services to groups of students in schools, childcare centers, or afterschool enrichment programs. If you are a teacher or community leader with a class that may need additional help in math, the ARC team is ready to support you and your students. To sign up, contact

Additional Resources

Each Archimedes student receives a online list of supplemental material to review material after tutoring sessions, part created by ARC staff and part assembled from freely-available teaching resources.

The majority of students who try online tutoring encounter a whole array of dealbreakers. Prices run high, making consistent tutoring sessions unaffordable for many families, and student/parent input into tutoring sessions is often missing.

Through our Archimedes program, the Project ARC team has developed a completely free alternative to traditional tutoring platforms. Our staff combine the perspective of fellow students with the teaching skills of math circle instructors and team coaches, and are dedicated to erasing the stress and anxiety that many students experience in the math classroom. Archimedes students and parents are invited to customize every stage of the learning process, and a variety of exciting activities replace the monotony of repetitive worksheets.

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