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Hi! We're Project ARC.

We're a student-led organization working to inspire a love for mathematics in students across the world. Learn more about us here.

One-on-one number theory session with ARC student

Our Mission

Speaking to students

Project ARC is an initiative aiming to engage students of diverse backgrounds and life experiences in pure and applied mathematics, both inside and outside of the classroom.

To accomplish this goal, we reach out to U.S. students living in under-resourced communities, whose schools may not have the funds to provide them with the differentiated curriculum they need to develop their mathematical skills. We work with several immigrant students newly-arrived to the U.S. and the United Kingdom, for whom the language barrier is a temporary yet significant obstacle to pursuing their love of STEM.


It is our honor and our privilege to be able to work with a number of Ukrainian students, some displaced across the world by war, and others still in their home country, having been subject to countless violent atrocities, hunger, cold, and the unrelenting danger of shelling. We are continuously amazed both by the immense resilience and by the outstanding mathematical potential of these students.


Project ARC aims to strengthen student problem-solving skills and deepen appreciation of the intricacy and inherent beauty of mathematics. Though we provide both school math tutoring services and extracurricular enrichment, we work to integrate the two into one system, helping our Archimedes students develop an interest in math that goes beyond what they encounter in the classroom. In our Riemann curriculum, we experiment with introducing mathematical rigor into our content, emphasizing what it means to prove a statement and helping students develop more mathematically-precise arguments. Throughout our programs, we try to showcase a range of possible careers that involve mathematics.


For each of the students in our programs, the Project ARC Team serves as mentors, supplies resources and prepares customized instruction, facilitates peer connections, and provides support and encouragement as students explore mathematics while navigating their own, individual challenges.

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Our People

Shoshana E.

Program Founder

Hi! I'm Shoshana Elgart, and I'm a high school senior from Blacksburg, Virginia. I love teaching and getting to work with the incredible students and staff at ARC. Math-wise, I'm very excited about dynamical systems, abstract algebra, and the applications of both fields to interesting interdisciplinary problems. I enjoy thinking about math, cooking (very) strange concoctions, and playing speed chess with my sister.

Shoshana E.

Pratham Y. M.

Pratham is a 15 year old student of Indian origin whose passion revolves around Theoretical Astroparticle physics, Modern Biotechnology and Neurobiology, yet, the other subjects are no stranger to him. Being born and brought up in a family of doctors, he has a deep seated familiarity with the field of medicine and biological sciences, which he is keen on harnessing in order to learn and research on the unexplored areas of Biology. Recently, he has been working on a research paper in theoretical physics, but has continued to nurture his interest in Neurobiology through the club. He has also shown excellence in Indian Olympiads of Junior Science.

Vanessa F.

Hi there! I am Vanessa Feng, currently completing my IBDP programme in the beautiful part of Australia. I'm super passionate in STEM, particularly in theoretical physics, pure mathematics, and computer science. I am also deeply committed to promoting diversity and equity in the STEM field. I advocate strongly for females in STEM and, firmly believe in the transformative power of science communication to inspire and educate. Alongside my academic endeavours, I love philosophy, photography, drawing, and entrepreneurship!

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Evie E

Hey! I'm Evie, and I'm a middle school student. I'm fascinated by  math and science (currently studying calculus and special relativity). Previously, I have taught math and languages at Tutoring Without Borders. At ARC, I'm a summer camp instructor, curriculum writer, and website designer. When not doing math, I love to dance jazz and contemporary, having danced at the Joffrey Ballet School and the Gus Giordano Dance School (as part of the Tanzanite audition-only company of dancers).


Nasya C.

Hi! I'm Nasya Choy, and I'm entering my senior year at ASMSA in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I absolutely love math and science, but engineering is my favorite subject. I spend a lot of time planning activities for clubs at my school, including math club, robotics, and engineering club. Outside of STEM, I like dancing and reading.

Carlos R.

My name is Carlos Rodriguez and I am currently an 11th grader at Saint John's School in San Juan, PR. I am involved in math competitions and run the math club at my school. Last summer I represented Puerto Rico at the International Math Olympiads (IMO) in Oslo, Norway. I love teaching math and playing Baba is You.

Natalie K.

Hello! I'm Natalie, from the United States. I know four languages, and have taught both math and English for a number of years. My primary math interest is in mathematical finance, specifically in the applications of Brownian motion to markets. When not at Project ARC, I enjoy rock climbing, writing, and spending time with my parrot.

Yule F.

Hello! I’m Yule Fu, a graduating senior from the Peddie School. I’m passionate about math and it’s application to science, especially graph theory and chemistry. I love working with kids and helping my friends with interesting math puzzles. When I’m not doing math, I love making pottery, playing card games, running, and cooking new recipes.

Colorful Shapes

Manasseh A.

I'm a high schooler who enjoys math, computer science, and music. In terms of math, my favorite field is complexity theory. Although, at the end of the day I think every subfield has its nice results.

Balanced Geometric Shapes

Erin C.

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