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Project ARC holds a variety of annual activities for Riemann and Cauchy students. See below for a introduction to some of our most popular events.

Escape From Logic Island

Age range: Riemann (Grades 5-8).

Time frame: 1-3 sessions, held in-person or over Zoom

Prerequisites: Some experience with logic problems preferred (traditionally, we run a quick introductory session prior to the escape room).

Details: Knights, knaves, dragons and zombies - Logic Island is a populated place! In this escape room, Riemann students are stranded on a curious island with mysterious inhabitants: Knights who are always truthful, jesters who always lie, dragons who ask perilous questions to protect their hoard of gold, etc. Students must use their logic and reasoning skills to navigate a series of interrelated puzzles and find their way home.


Age range: Riemann (Grades 5-8). Younger and older Archimedes students are welcome to attend.

Time frame: 1 session towards the end of the academic year

Prerequisites: None

Details: At our annual Mathemagic session, Riemann students enjoy watching and performing a variety of math-y magic tricks. We read minds, shuffle cards, and manipulate Möbius strips, using a variety of mathematical principles, from simple divisibility rules to proofs by induction, to show how tricks work along the way.

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